Event: Skype Virtual Discussion

Not everyone is in the position to attend an event and share ideas in person, but the Internet may allow for more convenience. Skype is a free service that provides free computer calls to other Skype users.

The agenda is very informal. Some possible topics include structural activism like branding, messaging, persuading, and generating greater appeal for liberty. We can also talk about the news of the day as well.

To download the software program, go to the Skype Download page. You’ll need to create a profile if you do not already have a free account. Lastly, privately send your Skype name to be included in the discussion.

This event was inspired by the recent post about Patri Friedman.

When: 8:00 p.m. to 10:00 p.m.

One thought on “Event: Skype Virtual Discussion

  1. fightfortruth

    I will not be able to attend the call tonight so I will borrow from someone else to help elaborate what I think is the best approach to acheiving absolute liberty within the next 100 years.

    -“Anarchy or the preferred usage, self government, will only ever be achieved incrementally. You must take small steps to convincing the public to march in that direction. Even in Major revolutions, like the first American Revolution, the government changed a lot at the time of the revolt. But the minds of the people were changed slowly, over time. It took quiet a while to convince the original American populace of the ideas of liberty.” – unknown

    – It is extremely important that we educate ourselves in the language of liberty and how to translate that to the varying political persuasions seen out there. We must be able to defend our arguments and teach other who are learning of these ideas to defend their arguments as well, Philosophical discussions, practical arguments, implementation arguments must be learned and preached by all involved. Educating ourselves about the philosophy, how to speak it, and how to implement it, should be our main focuses.

    Our goal should be to educate the masses about the ideas of self-governance, and to incrementally make government smaller (incremental being the operative word)


    This video is made from a guy who works with Young Americans for Liberty and Campus Reform. It is called the yearofyouth.org and while it has a lot to do with electioneering, the same technique could be applied to the strategy for DFW Alliance of the Libertarian Left. It is important to use Incremental steps and go from town to town, providing a safe haven for intellectual discussion that will not be thwarted by various differences of opinion or approach. This network will be built up much faster than before with the use of the internet, but it will take time to find people from every precinct to head up activism, planning, and educational opportunities in their area to recruit. It is also important to allow people to develop their ideas, show them how to be activists and learn the the approaches that are working out there like the activism happening in Keene New Hampshire and the Arizona group 4409; let people pursue what is important to them, while keeping the discussion going, and yes, this may even mean breaching your comfort zone and participating in discussions or groups that you may deem un-libertarian. If the idea is to educate, we must be stewards of liberty and bring our ideas to the table in a way that will not push people away. A good book for everyone to work off of and practice on each other (to have events centered around) is The Secrets of Libertarian Persuasion.

    That is my two cents, hopefully this can be dissected and expanded by greater minds than I. Lets get to work everyone.

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