Fort Worth Bureaucrat: Seizing Fewer Taxes is “Stealing”

This unsigned Star-Telegram editorial caught my attention for its negation of basic principles. The paper criticized Fort Worth school board member Carlos Vasquez for his rhetorical flare in condemning  a “lost revenue [taxing] opportunity.” The school board members were debating which firm should be contracted to collect back taxes from residents.

Vasquez was critical of the fees these collection agencies charged and the rate for seizure. Speaking of uncollected taxes, he said, “This is money that we’re stealing from the students.”

Instead of working from principles to question the morality of coercive taxation (actual theft), the Star-Telegram is quick to point out that Fort Worth is more efficient at practicing coercion than other major cities. Instead of showcasing “the gun in the room,” the paper wraps it in a scarf, puts it in a hat, and calls it a bunny rabbit.