Local Entrepreneurs Busted

According to the Fort Worth Police Department, a counterfeit ring that largely provided identification documents for immigrants was busted.

Investigators found that the men were making the documents—mainly resident alien cards, drivers’ licenses and Social Security cards—using low-end computer equipment, Sgt. Pedro Criado, a police spokesman, said.

The nine men face charges of engaging in organized crime and are being held on $25,000 bond for the “crime” of assisting peaceful people to escape the reaches of a far-more organized crime syndicate, the United States Federal Government.

I Don't Want You

Unknown thousands of dollars were spent in the six-month investigation as at least three separate agencies, including agents from the Secret Service and the Immigration and Customs Enforcement Agency, took part. Locking up and punishing peaceful people won’t be enough for some, who insist on attacking the symptoms of immigration rather than the root of the welfare state.