Recap: “End the Fed!” Rally

I passed out about 45 DFW Alliance of the Libertarian Left Q&A flyers. There were about 80 people roughly. To my surprise, one of the 9/12 Tea Party persons I spoke with was sort of on board when I talked to her about self-government and the violence inherent in government action.

I was sort of nervous approaching people and telling them about alternative forms of politics, direct action and education, that do not require you to compromise your values to achieve progress. But then it occurred to me, most liberty-minded people who support statism don’t have a clear understanding of why they support what they do. So even if I don’t have all the answers to every objection, well at least I can be direct about it and say I don’t know instead of applying the panacea of monopoly aggression. That insight made approaching people a little easier.

In one picture, John Jay Myers is announcing his run for the 30th U.S. congressional seat of Texas on the Libertarian Party ticket. There were about five police officers present that helped with traffic control, and I did notice at least one plain clothes security officer.