Event: ‘The Production of Security’

What: A long-time of associate of Frederic Bastiat, Gustave De Molinari (1819-1912) was a fellow classical liberal from the French school of economics that was the predominant “laissez-faire” thought of the time.

Molinari’s “The Production of Security” (1849) was the first full-length work to propose the previously unexamined topic of the private supply of security and arbitration services. He had come to his view after viewing “monopoly and communism” in any industry as detrimental. A year later, Bastiat on his deathbed apparently endorsed Moliniari as the continuer of his legacy.

Molinari’s writing impacted American individualists such as Benjamin Tucker and Lysander Spooner. But it was not until the 20th century when free-market economists like Murray Rothbard took up the challenge of competitive private sector defense services that Molinari received his historical significance — forever breaking the false dichotomy between liberty and security.

With an introduction by Rothbard, “The Production of Security” runs about 60 pages. It is available as a free download or purchase from the Mises Institute for $5 plus shipping.

When: Monday, Dec. 6, 2010, at 7:15 p.m.

Where: In the past we have used Skype for the online discussion. Instead, we can use a more user-friendly online application called Tinychat. No download or registration is required, but the call is limited to 12 “broadcasters,” though more may listen in if they like. The URL chosen at random for this chat is http://tinychat.com/uieni83284908.