Grieving Student Suspected of Using Marijuana Reinstated

Bryan Nelson High School (Texas) reinstated junior Kyler Robertson two days after suspending him on an allegation of being under the influence of marijuana following the death of his father days before.

His mother said school officials were suspicious of Robertson, 16, because he had bloodshot eyes and “smelled” of marijuana on Tuesday. A drug test later in the day showed that Robertson, whose father had been fatally stabbed on Sunday, had no drugs in his system.

Although allowed to return to school, Robertson’s suspension will not be expunged from his records unless a complaint is filed, according to a school district official. A representative for the school district was sympathetic for the family’s loss, but the school board’s president would not comment.

As the adage goes, being in government means not having to say you are sorry — not that “sorry” would cut it. Simply on the word of a single school nurse, Robertson’s future was put in jeopardy. There was no need for actual empirical evidence to substantiate their claim. He was guilty until proven innocent, ignoring any concept of due process. The individuals responsible for putting the young man in further grief are unlikely to be held responsible for their actions in any meaningful way. People in a position of arbitrary authority do not have to worry about answering to their victims.

You can bet that any disciplinary action will be “by the books” and very considerate of the thought process of those responsible.

Another aspect to touch upon is the school’s senseless drug policy. A lot of people will be hand wringing the school administrators, but they will ignore the problem of banning consensual acts, where there are no victims to make a complaint. Criminalizing consensual behavior enables big-government policies to invade honest people’s personal lives.

The use of government force and planning — fascism, really — to change behavior has not worked that well in the past. Maybe, that’s why 40 years after the war on drugs began, the government is in continuous need of more sacrifices of our liberties and our income. The war on cannabis can only be sustained by criminalizing peaceful users of their right to property, by abusing taxpayers out of hundreds of billions of dollars, and by sacrificing the privacy of us all.

Returning our privacy and property does not require us changing the law. We only have to make it irrelevant.

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