Recap: FIJA Literature Distribution

I had a productive time at the Fully Informed Jury Association event this morning at the Tarrant County (Texas) Justice Center. Unfortunately because of the weather, I had to run solo. I did get out about 175 brochures though I only stayed for about 45 minutes.

One lady called for jury service took special interest. She told me about her son who was arrested for marijuana possession. She agreed that it should not be illegal, and I told her that her son had the right to own property, including marijuana. She said she had never thought of it like that before. She wanted to know more about how to exercise her rights as a juror, and I told her not to bring it up during voir dire or else she wouldn’t be selected.

I do think it is important to reach people who do not already hold political ideologies. I think you’ll find that many of Ron Paul’s supporters had not been too involved in politics, if at all.

In the coming months, we plan to continue educating potential jurors about how they can protect the liberty of individuals. Especially if people refuse to obey the new government health insurance mandates, jury nullification could become a valuable tool if state governments do not nullify it first.