Recap: FIJA Literature Distribution

Monday morning’s Fully Informed Jury Association (FIJA) outreach was pretty uneventful except for again seeing “a total apologist for government aggression and discrimination” who we had first met in April.

The self-identified Tarrant County lawyer, whose name I have yet to discover, gave us a scowling look but did not object as Katy and I passed out pamphlets to prospective jurors while she was waiting at the cross walk across the street from the Tarrant County Justice Center.

We stayed at our regular corner for just over an hour and managed to distribute close to 230 pamphlets of FIJA literature. I would guess that our success rate of getting literature into the hands of everyone we met was pretty high too, maybe 80-plus percent.

We did not get into any debates. One guy was interested if we were lawyers ourselves. I told him we were concerned activists who wanted to inform the public of the rights of jurors to determine the facts of the case and the moral or constitutional legitimacy of the law before them. I said that Katy and I personally would like to see consensual crimes not be enforced but that we also supported nullifying what we believe are unconstitutional laws in order to help keep government in check (as if that were possible).