Dallas Cop Fired for Kick to Head

Former Dallas police officer Quaitemes Williams, 25, who pepper sprayed and kicked to the head a handcuffed motorist in a Jan. 28 police stop, has been fired and faces a misdemeanor criminal charge of official oppression.

Police Chief David Brown released a dash cam video of the assault. Brown said the video showed Dallas officers scuffling with the driver, identified as Rodarick Lyles, outside his car. Lyles appears to have fallen on Williams, who then proceeded to hit Lyles in the head area with a flashlight so brutality that another officer had to restrain Williams.

Once Lyles was handcuffed facing the ground, Williams returned and pepper sprayed and kicked the driver in the head.

Another officer at the scene received a disciplinary punishment for filing a false report of the incident, but he is still with the force.

Last year, three Dallas officers were fired and indicted for beating another motorist, whose charges were later dropped.

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