A Plea for Citizen Journalists

The Forth Estate, the modern press machine, is a failure. The same people who are supposed to keep tabs on our elected leaders/rulers are in fact in bed with them. Hints of this total dystopia are given occasionally by news that is slanted in a particular way not to expose the truth, but to assassinate the character those that are fighting for the truth.

How is one supposed to take a movement seriously when those participating in the movement are made to look like intolerant, ignorant racists (most of the Tea Party are not) or hippies who just want to smoke marijuana (the Occupy movement is not about that)? Both movements are in some way focused on corporate greed; however, both movements have had their messages in one way or another high jacked by the press.

Would you help a movement that is presented in a bad light? Be it FOX News on the right, making Occupy members look like drug-addled hippies looking for a handout, or MSNBC on the left, making Tea Partiers out to be right-wing fascists out to start a race war, there is no excuse for those in the press who pledge to present an honest report on the issues.

Turn off those TV sets. Put down that newspaper. Citizen journalists are here working diligently and honestly to give an honest, clear, clean, and uncensored view of what is going on. We are publicly funded (that means YOU) and are here to give the unbiased reporting that originally made this country great.

We are only driven by shining a light on this media blackout on the truth meant to keep up a sick delusion, where the people keep losing and the wealthy corporate media interests keep winning.

However, this mission is at the expense of our health and sanity. It’s not that we do this willingly; we do this for the same reason one becomes a priest, the same reason one toils in a animal shelter taking care of the unwanted, the same reason one opens a soup kitchen. Citizen journalists do this work because they feel they can no longer sit idly by and live with the delusion that our Fourth Estate, our modern press machine, passes off as news. We are trying to smash this delusion and inform the American public. This is a plea. This is a call. We need your help on this one. Working for a better tomorrow, today. Everyday.

Credit: Tim Anderson, “A Plea and a Call from Citizen Journalists,” with a Creative Commons license

[Editor’s note: For anyone in a position to contribute financially, donations are accepted at the OccupyHistory’s WePay page.]