C4SS: Students for a Stateless Society (re)Introduced

The C4SS post is up!

James Tuttle:

We at C4SS would like to offer and (re)introduce S4SS, the Students for a Stateless Society.

The Quebec student strikes have offered us new insights and confirmed old ones. A robust and pre-existingpolitical culture– student or not, student and not – is not sufficient, but certainly conducive to building, mobilizing and sustaining a confrontational political strategy – and the use of swarm protests is not only cool, but an effective display of open-source resiliency.

With S4SS, our goal is to develop a networked structure that will allow for maximum autonomy while fostering maximum inter/intra-chapter participation, communication, and coordination.

All power to the affinity groups!

Leaning on Elinor Ostrom’s Design Principles for Collective Action we have decided to try the following organizational orientation:

The Students for a Stateless Society (S4SS) agree to the following four design principles:

1. “Student” does not mean subservient, submissive, or subordinate. A student is anyone who desires knowledge. A student can be either a teacher or a learner.

2. A stateless society is anarchy. Students have a right to contribute to and have a voice in the institutions they participate or constitute. As anarchists we will actively pursue and support hierarchy dissolving and mutual aid projects. Our time as students is not a time of passivity or mindless discipline, but a time for activity and creativity.

3. S4SS spaces are safe and valued spaces. We are dedicated to not only identifying agents of aggression, but dissolving institutions of oppression.

4. All chapters of S4SS, to be considered active, must have at least one volunteer “point of contact” that can be reached by interested students or encouraging chapters. There is no limit to the number of S4SS chapters that can be on any one campus – swarm and take over!

If S4SS sounds like a project that you would like to support or set up in your area, then see if one of the active S4SS chapters is near your campus or register your own.

And again, swarm and take over!

The S4SS UNT chapter will hopefully help in building a bigger community of left-libertarians in the DFW area with ALL and The Black Cat Collective. I would encourage other existing or prospective chapters to look to local collectives for a resource as well. And of course, if you are lucky enough to have one in your area, ALL.

This will be an exciting project to follow as more chapters are launched and S4SS develops in size, scope, and influence.

Help make S4SS as well known as YAL and SFL!

Link this post or the C4SS post on your blog or Facebook. If you’re a student, start a chapter!

To quote James at C4SS once more– swarm and takeover!