Recap: 2012 SFL Dallas Regional Conference

Left-libertarians made a visible impact at the 2012 Students for Liberty Dallas Regional Conference hosted at the University of North Texas on Saturday, Oct. 13, with presenters and a well-received tabling outreach.

James Tuttle, the executive director of the Center for a Stateless Society, spoke in the afternoon session on the distinction between radical and conservative labor movements, how libertarianism properly understood is a radical movement, and why conventional forms of work undermine the radical tendencies necessary for the advancement of libertarian values.

University of Texas at Arlington professor Gloria Zúñiga-y-Postigo had given a talk about Carl Menger’s contribution to classical liberalism and subjectivist economic value theory. During the lunch break, she met with ALLies to follow up with a question she received about the subjectivist labor theory of value.

In this video, Jason Lee Byas was a conference panelist and spoke about ways to promote libertarian ideas on campus and at-large. In an interview (below) with DFW ALL, he spoke of the significance of having a commitment to the cultural conditions that foster liberty and why libertarian principles are consistent with the concerns commonly associated with the cultural left.

Abby coordinated the tabling outreach for several organizations — including the Students for a Stateless Society, the Center for a Stateless Society and the DFW Alliance of the Libertarian Left. At the conclusion of the conference, Abby spoke (below) about the day’s progress.