Recap: FIJA Literature Distribution

In about an hour, we distributed approximately 140 Fully Informed Jury Association (FIJA) pamphlets to potential jurors in Fort Worth, Texas, on July 16. We were informing potential jurors that they have the power to nullify unjust laws and unconstitutional government actions.

More information can be found here.


One thought on “Recap: FIJA Literature Distribution

  1. Mark E. Schmidter

    Great, Keep up the good work!!!

    Noon Today, Orange County Courthouse, Orlando FL:

    I and Adam Sudbury (Counsel) are having a News conference @ Orange County Courthouse, in the free speech Zones, at Noon today! We are filing a Federal Lawsuit Against The State of Florida and Chief Judge Belvin Perry for 1 Amendment violations and abuse of power. I and Julian Heiklen were sentenced to 151 days and 146 days for violating Belvin Perrys Administrative Orders. We were handing out FIJA True False Fliers. 1 year ago Julian and I were convicted by Belvin Perry for “Indirect Criminal Contempt of Court” even though we were never was in the courthouse and we did not interfere with the Casey Anthony trial ! I and Julian Heiklen have already filed our appeal on our convictions!

    Mark E. Schmidter


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