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Resource: Center For a Stateless Society

C4SS; Center for a Stateless SocietyThe Center for a Stateless Society (C4SS) is one of the leading content providers of left-libertarian commentary around the globe. It’s tagline is “building awareness of the market anarchist alternative.” Toward that end, C4SS provides its content free of charge under a Creative Commons license. Media coordinator Thomas Knapp regularly distributes tens of thousands of article submissions to hundreds of media outlets every month.

In addition to Knapp’s own contributions, C4SS publishes writing from leading market anarchist like Kevin Carson, who was recently named the Center’s Karl Hess Chair in Social Theory, David S. D’Amato, and Darian Worden.

The extensive Find Your Philosophy Quiz more than any other online political quiz attempts to “distinguish between people who oppose particular goals and people who oppose using the state to achieve those goals.” The Market Anarchism FAQ provides a quick reference to the common concerns about the functioning of a stateless society.

Disclaimer: C4SS was founded by the Molinari Institute, the same as the Alliance of the Libertarian Left.

Website: c4ss.org

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