SFL Dallas Regional Conference Hosts Ally James Tuttle

This Saturday, October 13th, The Students for Liberty Dallas Regional Conference will be held at the University of North Texas for the second year in a row. In 2011, Left-Rothbardian and ALLy, Sheldon Richman was a keynote speaker at this same conference. This year we will be hosting James Tuttle, Director of C4SS, making for an even bigger left-libertarian presence– quite possibly the biggest in SFL history!

From the SFL website:

James Tuttle is a left-libertarian anarcho-ostromite, the Director for the Center for a Stateless Society (C4SS), an occasional Instructor for the C4SS Stateless University Course: Introduction to Anarchism – Bravo Section, a Co-organizer for the Tulsa Anarchist Meetup, a Co-Editor of the left-libertarian zine ALLiance Journal, a Friend of Corvus Editions, and a proud Delegate of the Industrial Workers of the World.

Among the 21 partner organizations tabling at the conference, 3 of these will be left-libertarian organizations! DFW Alliance of the Libertarian Left, Students for a Stateless Society OU & UNT, and James Tuttle’s table will be our C4SS presence at the conference. This weekend will be a key opportunity to radicalize libertarians by speaking about left-libertarian theory, selling zines/radical literature, and acting as an alternative to mainstream thought for students and attendees interested in libertarian philosophy.

Tuttle’s lecture on “Radical Labor” seems like the perfect topic for this sort of event, “radicalism is the only thing that can determine whether or not libertarianism is the future or just apologetics for the status quo.” Which leads me to believe conferences like these are the best place for a strong left-libertarian presence.

If you want to register there is still time!

Visit the SFL website for more details on the conference and directions to the university, linked above.

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