What Being a Left-Libertarian Means to Me

Being a libertarian means committing to uphold the capacity of people to make their own judgements. For me, it means not only valuing liberty for its own sake but for the concomitant values that liberty facilitates.

There are different reasons and formulations for how people become libertarians. I happen to think there are discernible moral principles that promote our well-being on an individual and social level.

I am also a leftist in two meaningful senses. I am skeptical of hierarchical relationships and conventional hierarchical forms of political activism. I think there are instances where hierarchy can be justified, but I have general disposition against it.

Since hierarchy can cloud people’s capacity to direct their own lives, being a leftist is an extension of my libertarianism. I think it is interesting to explore the conclusion of people who come to left-libertarianism from the opposite orientation.

I could comment on the strategic and cultural advantages of left-libertarianism in promoting liberty, but I will save that for another time.