Why I’m A Left-Libertarian

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I’m a left-libertarian. Sounds contradictory, right? Well, in reality, its not, and in this post I’m going to explain what the libertarian movement, on both sides of the spectrum, seeks to achieve, why there is really no need for political and class division, and why decentralization is best.

First, let’s just clear up the question, what is libertarianism? In the general sense, libertarianism is the belief that all human beings should have as much liberty and freedom as is possible.

It is probably the oldest political philosophy in history, but it was really developed by enlightenment era philosophers, such as John Locke, Jean-Jacques Rousseau and Thomas Jefferson. It is often associated with the right, but in reality it is probably more suited to centrist and leftist politics. The reason being, that although libertarianism believes in strong personal freedom, and people’s right to possessions and property, it also believes in collective freedom, and concentrates power in the hands of the public, the people with real power.

We, as left-libs, also believe in free markets (with certain regulations) without state capitalism, where powerful corporations dip into public funds for their own selfish gains. We also strongly believe in public ownership of healthcare and education, and we don’t mean state ownership. We mean genuine public ownership, in which every member of the public is allowed to speak up and say how they would like the system to be run. Public votes, referendums and meetings of people from local communities, who are allowed to say how they would like their local community to run. Local councils and committees, all made up of delegates who are all local citizens, rather than big central government, which is prone to corruption and greed. Libertarians also stand for international peace, freedom of information and justice. I myself believe in the right to bear arms as a means of defending against tyranny. (Yep, I’m one of them.) I’ve seen that when governments disarm their people, genocide and terror ensues. The NRA repulses me though. Libertarianism places emphasis on the pursuit of happiness and self-discovery, both through earning good money and through creativity. End the tyranny, build the bridge between left and right, and let freedom ring! No to state capitalism. No to state socialism. Yes to real people power!

Credit: alexleivesley96, “Why I’m A Left-Libertarian,” with permission

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