Could Shield Mutual Still Be Liable for Coverage to Adam Kokesh?

George Donnelly of the agorist public relations agency Shield Mutual recently published a report on some apparent financial misdealings with the team behind Adam Kokesh, who remains jailed since the summer for possessing a shotgun in Washington, D.C.

Donnelly was making it known of some irregularities with the funds raised in Kokesh’s defense, prompting him to decide to cease representing Kokesh. Everyone involved hopes Kokesh is released and his funds are accounted for.

Curiously enough, even though Kokesh isn’t a current customer, it still seems Shield Mutual is liable to provide its services since the event that prompted the aid request (Kokesh’s arrest) took place while his policy was in force with Shield Mutual.

For example, if there is a hurricane that strikes an insured person’s home and the policy provides coverage for additional living expenses while the home is being repaired, the insured person doesn’t have to remain with that insurance provider to make or continue a claim under a policy.

What matters is that at the time of his arrest, Kokesh had a policy. Now if he fired Shield Mutual, that would be different matter and would release Shield Mutual’s liability. That’s how I’m interpreting the terms of the policy.

5 thoughts on “Could Shield Mutual Still Be Liable for Coverage to Adam Kokesh?

  1. George Donnelly

    Thanks for your interest in Shield Mutual, Justin.

    Shield Mutual is a membership private defense agency that uses leadership, networking, public relations, fundraising and community organizing to assist our customers when they come under attack by governments.

    We are not an insurance agency. Thus, we do not issue policies.

    If a customer’s membership lapses and they are unable to pay the renewal fee due to being in a cage and/or destitute, but still need good faith assistance, we may continue to assist them. In Kokesh’s case, we continued assisting him for more than 6 weeks, including the sizable #MyFriedAdam campaign, a call flood or two and more that I won’t go into at this time.

    Current and former employees of Kokesh claim that they “fired” Shield Mutual but Shield Mutual was never an employee of them or, for that matter, of Adam. We never received word from Kokesh that he wished to discontinue his Shield Mutual services.

    Quite to the contrary, he called us from prison asking to renew.

    I’m glad you fixed your comments and thanks for permitting me to reply to your question.

    1. Justin L. Oliver Post author

      Thanks for the clarification, George. I agree, you’re work’s been admirable and very innovative, so please don’t take my interpretation offensively or as a reflection on your performance.

      My main point is that the terms of the coverage plan don’t seem to indicate that aid terminates once the membership ends. It only states, for coverage, you must already be a member to receive aid. It doesn’t say a person must remain a member to receive aid for an event that took place while covered. This principle would hold for not only insurance, but for other kinds of coverage as well.i

      I seem to recall an instance on the site where the coverage was identified as insurance, but that’s probably a side issue.

      1. If a product failed and the company was informed on the product’s failure on the final day of warranty, for example, the company wouldn’t have grounds to withhold repairs because the shipment arrived to its repair facility after the warranty period. The damage took place during the time of coverage, so the repair is covered even if the repairs take place after the coverage period.
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