Insult and Injury to ‘Lady Liberty’ in Fort Worth

If there’s a local incident epitomizing that masters and bosses are two sides of the same hierarchy, it’s the recent assault and firing of Liberty Tax employee Channing Gould.

By one account, Gould was assigned for the past two weeks to stand point on the 40-feet-wide median of the Tarrant Parkway and Park Vista Boulevard in north Fort Worth. Commuters in the DFW Metroplex will recognize the pedestrians occupying the sidewalk at busy intersections dressed in the Lady Liberty garb during income tax season. The 19-year-old had the gall of not immediately hopping to the commands of a complete stranger with the legal backing to administer potentially lethal force with impunity. In exercising his free speech, Gould was allegedly in violation of a city ordinance banning solicitation on street medians. He was caught in a catch-22 of the security-state apparatus, either risk arrest following his boss’ orders or getting his hours cut, possibly even losing his job, by submitting to Fort Worth’s finest.

The office who dealt two Taser shots to Gould’s head will likely face administrative review for the use of force and most certainly be cleared of any wrongdoing.

Gould is reported as telling the officer, “Get away from me! What are you doing? Go talk to my boss!” The culprit posed no physical threat to the officer that would sanction the use of potentially deadly force, but the employee’s real crime was expressed by Mark Richards of Lite 87.1, missing “the life lesson of always complying with police officers.” The real crime was disobeying our superiors.

It’s surreal to grasp that the beating came when Gould was in attire symbolizing an American icon of freedom and equality, while corralled into a dead end job for wage labor that encourages tax serfs to pay tribute for funding their forthcoming oppression.

Rather than standing up for a traumatized employee, the owner of the Liberty Tax branch said “she was not aware of the ordinance, but she is siding with officers.” The boss’ actions are fitting. An authoritarian hierarchy’s chief responsibility is to shelter standing powers, berating those who would publicly challenge the judgement or request justification from stewards of privilege.