Police Reportedly Hounding Anti-Debt Activists

With several fiercely contested bond proposals concluding on election day Tuesday in the North Texas area, there are reports on social media of police hounding anti-debt activists.

Amy Hedtke partially recorded one encounter Tuesday outside a polling location for the Palmer ISD school bond election. She reported it was the second day in a row that police were dispatched by pro-debt supporters. In this clip, Hedtke is speaking with a Palmer police officer about holding signs along a local road. For some context, the state legislature addressed this issue in the last session to make it explicit that electioneering signs may be held, but not placed, on a right of way.

The video doesn’t make clear whose signs are along the road, but she did post a photo of pro-debt signs. The bond ultimately passed, as did most other local bond initiatives.

“I don’t make the law.” Priceless!

Whatever one’s views of the electoral process, people shouldn’t be harassed by police for expressing their opinion.