Recap: Peace Rally in Fort Worth

I attended the third consecutive week of rallies against war in Syria on Saturday, Sept. 14, at Sundance Square in Fort Worth.

Considering the city is hub of numerous military programs, I expected more objectors, but hardly found any. A passerby who was a veteran of the first Gulf War, requesting to be off-camera, said he didn’t believe there was much chance for overt American military action being taken. In the first week of the rally, as many as 60 people attended, but the rally capped out at about 10 on this evening, perhaps because the chances of direct American military action seems less certain.

I was able to record a few interviews with participants in the rally.

An officer on a bike patrol around Sundance Square (a so-called public-private partnership) made two brief encounters, once asking if we were part of a group and a second time directing us to move a camera tripod’s foot resting on Sundance Square property. A portion of the second encounter (below) was caught on video.