Speaking of Solidarity with Political Prisoners, Adam Kokesh

I’m not saying there aren’t (so, so many) bad ancap actors out there. I know there are people who want to run the whole world like a Wal-mart, who think that our current notions of property are somehow cosmic laws, and who’s only experience with intersectionality is running a 4-way stop. I’m not even going to claim that they’re some extreme minority. Getting a census on that sort of thing is notoriously difficult, and very people of any stripe do well on a pass/fail purity test.

But to claim that they all want to exploit and oppress, regardless of whether they consciously admit this or not, seems … odd to me. It sounds a bit like the attitude a fundamentalist preacher might take — all witches and pagans worship Satan and Evil, regardless of whether they consciously admit this or not.

You have no idea how someone can hold ancap ideas and not want to exploit and oppress people. I get that. But here’s the thing — most ancaps feel the same way about you. They have no idea how the ideas you espouse can’t lead to exploitation and oppression.

And maybe, just maybe, if both sides could admit that, and work on that, we wouldn’t have this bullshit drama all the time.

— mindlance, commenting on “Apparently the state is raiding an-caps houses too.