TCDP Chairman Steve Maxwell on Taking People’s Right’s Away

Gun Control

According to the local CBS affiliate, Tarrant County Democratic Party Chairman Steve Maxwell is calling for stricter gun regulations on the individual sale of firearms in the Fort Worth city limits. He would like the city council to implement a waiting period for gun purchases, require background checks on all purchases, and limit who can sell at gun shows.

It’s not clear to me that these proposals would have prevented any local gun violence, but that’s not surprising. Even if they could provide temporary safety, that still wouldn’t be a clear indication that further controls on people would be a worthwhile bargain. However, what I found contemptuous is how Maxwell framed his proposal. “Don’t take away people’s rights to own guns,” the litigation attorney said. “Take away the rights of felons and domestic abusers and people who have mental illness, take their rights away.”

If the implication is that felons, abusers, and the mentally ill are not people, what other rights shouldn’t they have and who decides, Mr. Maxwell?

As an attorney, he should know the extent to which people are railroaded by the legal system, even if they aren’t the most upstanding members of society. Is there any reason we should expect gun policies enforced against ordinary people who couldn’t afford legal representation at Mr. Maxwell’s firm to be any different? Speaking for myself and my friends, we typically have more to fear from the government and their armed enforcers than we have to fear from ordinary residents. One certainty is that so-called liberals of Maxwell’s variety will consistently take the sides of the cops and unaccountable power rather than common civilians.