Update: Dallas Judge Sentences Rapist to 45 Days Because Victim Wasn’t a Virgin

A Dallas County judge who came under criticism for sentencing a confessed rapist to 45 days in jail and five years of probation has recused herself from the case, according CBS 11 News. Well, great, but it seems a bit late.

When scrutinized by the Dallas Morning News for the unusually light sentence, District Judge Jeanine Howard said the then 13-year-old victim “wasn’t the victim she claimed to be,” adding that the teenage rape survivor had three prior sexual partners. As if that should matter or could mitigate rapist Sir Young’s actions, the teenager has denied the judge’s insinuation.

The young woman has been victimized all over again. Still, most victims of sexual violence in Dallas—if they report—will never have their cases meaningfully investigated, let alone lead to a prosecution. Victim-blaming makes it less likely for assaults to be reported, which only serves to shield a legal system that would rather devote resources to revenue generation than pursuing aggressors.


The Dallas Morning News has further reported that the judge initially ordered the assailant to volunteer at a rape crises center.