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Recap: Tarrant Libertarians Attend Gay Pride Parade, Awarded for Float

The Tarrant County Gay Pride Week Association hosted the largest GLBT pride parade in the county Saturday afternoon. Of the approximately 40 floats that participated, the county Libertarian Party was awarded best in show among non-profits, even with some final-hour alterations needing to be made.

I wasn’t able to attend the full day of events, but I did capture a few interviews with members of the county LP.

Pride Week extends from Oct. 3 to the Oct. 13. Founded in 1981, the association is meant to provide an open and safe environment for GLBT individuals and supporters to celebrate.

Recap: Peace Rally in Fort Worth

I attended the third consecutive week of rallies against war in Syria on Saturday, Sept. 14, at Sundance Square in Fort Worth.

Considering the city is hub of numerous military programs, I expected more objectors, but hardly found any. A passerby who was a veteran of the first Gulf War, requesting to be off-camera, said he didn’t believe there was much chance for overt American military action being taken. In the first week of the rally, as many as 60 people attended, but the rally capped out at about 10 on this evening, perhaps because the chances of direct American military action seems less certain.

I was able to record a few interviews with participants in the rally.

An officer on a bike patrol around Sundance Square (a so-called public-private partnership) made two brief encounters, once asking if we were part of a group and a second time directing us to move a camera tripod’s foot resting on Sundance Square property. A portion of the second encounter (below) was caught on video.

Recap: Peaceful Streets Project DFW (05/03/2013)

This video was shot in association with Dallas Cop Block in downtown Dallas around DART’s West End Station.

Fortunately, the evening was pretty quiet. The police seemed aware of our presence but didn’t confront us. Witnesses informed us the arrest in the second part of the video was made for public intoxication.

Several pedestrians told us how much they appreciate what we were doing and that they were surprised to learn that they are free to film police encounters as well. So even though we don’t witness any overt forms of police misconduct, this activity is still of value in educating the public and creating a culture where people expect accountability from public officials.

Recap: Riverside Community Time Bank Orientation

I attended an orientation of the Riverside Community Time Bank and was introduced to a few of the members. In the video below, Analiese Hill introduces the concept of a time-based currency.

Josiah Warren, a 20th century individualist anarchist, is credited with creating one of the first time-based currencies in America. These local exchanges allow for people of all backgrounds and interests to participate. In addition to the economic advantages of these grassroots mutual aid networks, they can also enrich the relationships of people in the community.

It’s a growing organization still in need of supporters to help spread awareness of mutual credit. A planning meeting will take place Saturday, Jan. 19. Further logistical details will be available on the group’s Facebook page.


Recap: 2012 SFL Dallas Regional Conference

Left-libertarians made a visible impact at the 2012 Students for Liberty Dallas Regional Conference hosted at the University of North Texas on Saturday, Oct. 13, with presenters and a well-received tabling outreach.

James Tuttle, the executive director of the Center for a Stateless Society, spoke in the afternoon session on the distinction between radical and conservative labor movements, how libertarianism properly understood is a radical movement, and why conventional forms of work undermine the radical tendencies necessary for the advancement of libertarian values.

University of Texas at Arlington professor Gloria Zúñiga-y-Postigo had given a talk about Carl Menger’s contribution to classical liberalism and subjectivist economic value theory. During the lunch break, she met with ALLies to follow up with a question she received about the subjectivist labor theory of value.

In this video, Jason Lee Byas was a conference panelist and spoke about ways to promote libertarian ideas on campus and at-large. In an interview (below) with DFW ALL, he spoke of the significance of having a commitment to the cultural conditions that foster liberty and why libertarian principles are consistent with the concerns commonly associated with the cultural left.

Abby coordinated the tabling outreach for several organizations — including the Students for a Stateless Society, the Center for a Stateless Society and the DFW Alliance of the Libertarian Left. At the conclusion of the conference, Abby spoke (below) about the day’s progress.

Recap: Anarchist Café

With consent, I’m publishing a recap of the DFW ALL meeting that took place Saturday, Sept. 15. There was no formal agenda, but the conversations strayed into three general areas of discussion. Individuals put forward recommendations for opportunities to participate locally, resources for discovering left-libertarian and other radical ideas, and lessons learned from past experience.

Participation Opportunities

(in alphabetical order)

  • Black Cat Collective: The mutual aid group pursues opportunities to circumvent the artificial scarcities that hike the costs of maintaining a living. Affinity groups like the Arcane School foster creative thinking through workshops and seminars.
  • Community Cultivators: Based in Austin, this groups has a presence in Fort Worth that hosts seminars to learn about self-maintained agricultural systems in urban environments.
  • DIY communities: 1919 Hemphill (in Fort Worth) and 406 Arts (in Dallas) are grassroots venues for DIY projects.
  • Peaceful Streets Project: Based in Austin, PSP employs a multifaceted approach to reducing the institutionalized violence taking place in our communities. Additionally, there is an upcoming local seminar that will be announced soon.
  • Students for a Stateless Society: Open to all people who desire knowledge, the rebooted S4SS is a networked student organization intended to maximize chapter autonomy and coordination.
  • Students for Liberty: The campus group is putting on its Dallas Regional Conference on October 13 at the University of North Texas.
  • Tar Sands Blockade: This campaign takes non-violent direct action to defend the victims of eminent domain seizures.

Recommended Resources

(in alphabetical order)

Lessons Learned

  • For attracting visitors to a booth, a tabling kit needs to be engaging but not overwhelming with information. It also helps to have a variety of media (like books, pamphlets, and multimedia) for people to consume at various price levels. Banners help too.
  • Seminars can also be effective tools for radicalization.
  • Direct action is often most impactful and sustaining when its backed by and enacted with community input.
  • Consensus-based decision making in a group setting garners greater participant commitment, guarding against acrimony and antipathy.

I’m sure some ideas weren’t recorded in the notes since we had such a great turnout, so please let me know if there’s anything not mentioned.